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Sr. Pastor Rev. Joe Donakey

Summer Grove UMC is happy to welcome the Rev. Joe Donakey as our newly appointed senior pastor.

Rev. Joe is an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church with more than 40 years experience in  parish ministry. He feels that worship should be life transforming — with an emphasis on experiencing and entering into the presence of God while it nourishes the Mind and Heart as well as the Spirit and Soul.   


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Office Manager - Janice Flannery

Janice has worked at the church for 26 years. She and her husband enjoy cruising in their 1975 Corvette.  She has a heart for helping and serving others including the 4-legged kind. 





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Director of Student Ministries - Caressa Williams

"Caressa is a Child Development Specialist graduate from Louisiana Tech University. She is passionate about being an advocate for those without a voice including children and animals. A good meal is the sure way to her heart, and if there is a funny movie or one that makes you shed a tear or two, then she is in heaven."